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SAChE Friday

Through the program USF AIChE encourages students to complete the SACHE certification program. These certifications are great to get as a student because:

  1. They are free for national undergraduate members (normally it is over $1000 for all the certifications
  2. They look great on resumes

To keep up with the latest information join the AIChE SAChE Facebook group.

Location and Time

Second Friday of every month 4:00p-5:00p

Location: ENB 116

Intramural Soccer

At USF AIChE is more than just about helping students learn everything they need to know to become great chemical engineers. As a student organization we encourage our members to have fun and form new bonds with fellow students. To achieve this goal we have an intramural soccer team. To get more information, sign up or recommend another intramural sport visit the AIChE Intramural Soccer Facebook group.